Newsletter: Home medicaton reviews here to stay

Home Medication Reviews are here to Stay

As you may be aware there was a recent call for a moratorium on home medication reviews (HMR) by the pharmacy guild due to overspend on the program.

I am pleased to announce that the health minister has decided against a moratorium due to the value and importance of HMRs in the community and has increased the funding for the program to continue. She has made some changes to the program to ensure its sustainability and to optimise patient outcome.

Changes include;

- Medication reviews to be conducted in the patient’s home by an accredited pharmacist. Under the program HMRs can only be conducted outside the home of clients where there is pre-approval for defined circumstances – such as patient or pharmacist safety, or for cultural reasons (gained through Medicare)


-To ensure the best result for consumers the Government will also require that reviews, including interviews and written reports for general practitioners, may only be conducted by accredited pharmacists.

Research has shown that this program saves the Government money by reducing the hospital admissions needed to treat patients who accidently use their medicines in a potentially life-threatening way. In fact research shows this program can prevent up to 255,000 hospital admissions per year, representing significant savings for the Government and preventing Australian patients from suffering needless illnesses and death.

The health Minister’s letter confirming the importance of HMRs

“I was reading your website (AusPharmList) and I was interested to read the many first hand examples of how the HMR program is helping people and saving the Government and the health system. In addition, I am very aware that the HMR program has a strong evidence base and has been supported through successive Agreements since 2001. HMRs provided by accredited pharmacists in patients’ homes delivers very real and tangible health outcomes for around 77,000 Australians each year.

I can assure you that through the Fifth Agreement the Government has committed to funding the HMR program through to June 2015 and I’ve decided against a moratorium on HMRs because reducing preventable medication misadventure is too important.

I would also like to congratulate the accredited pharmacists providing HMRs across Australia for the outcomes you have achieved. Some of the examples I have received through letters, emails, and through AusPharmList are remarkable and demonstrate the important and valuable role provided by pharmacists through improving medication management.”

Tanya Plibersek
Minister for Health


Your Accredited Pharmacist: Susan Gao

You can fax your GP referrals at any time to Australian medication reviews on (02) 9803-0140

Susan can be contacted by phone on 0421 531 878

Susan and her accredited pharmacists service all areas of Sydney.

Languages spoken by her team of pharmacists include; English, Mandarin Cantonese, Russian, Ukrainian and Greek.

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