Who needs an HMR?

Patient Eligibility for HMR

The item is available to people living in the community who meet the criteria for a DMMR. The item is not available for in-patients of a hospital, or care recipients in residential aged care facilities.

DMMRs are targeted at patients who are likely to benefit from such a review:

Patients for whom quality use of medicines may be an issue or; patients who are at risk of medication misadventure because of factors such as their co-morbidities, age or social circumstances, the characteristics of their medicines, the complexity of their medication treatment regimen, or a lack of knowledge and skills to use medicines to their best effect.

Examples of risk factors known to predispose people to medication related adverse events are:

  • currently taking five or more regular medications;
  • taking more than 12 doses of medication per day;
  • significant changes made to medication treatment regimen in the last three months;
  • medication with a narrow therapeutic index or medications requiring therapeutic monitoring;
  • symptoms suggestive of an adverse drug reaction;
  • sub-optimal response to treatment with medicines;
  • suspected non-compliance or inability to manage medication related therapeutic devices;
  • patients having difficulty managing their own medicines because of literacy or language difficulties, dexterity problems or impaired sight, confusion/dementia or other cognitive difficulties;
  • patients attending a number of different doctors, both general practitioners and specialists; and
  • recent discharge from a facility / hospital (in the last four weeks).”

Potentially any patient with chronic disease taking multiple medications may be eligible and are likely to benefit from a Home Medicines Review.

 The patient eligibility criteria are reproduced here from the Medicare Benefits Schedule

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