How to Refer

For Medication Reviews in Sydney

Please Fax Referrals to (02) 9803 0140

Please include:

1. Patient Contact details

2. Current Medication List

3. Any relevant notes or concerns

Medication review item numbers


Referral Procedure for HMR

Once you have identified and obtained informed consent from a patient that may benefit from a Home Medicines Review (HMR), a referral can be generated and sent to Australian Medication Reviews.

Note: Changes to the HMR program commencing 1 October 2011 allow referrals to be sent directly to Australian Medication Reviews.

Referrals can be in the form of a simple letter requesting a HMR for a patient or generated through templates often found in prescribing software.

Ideally the referral should include relevant clinical information such as a current medication list, current medical conditions and recent pathology results and a reason for referral, highlighting any concerns that need particular attention.

Alternatively if the patient would prefer a consultation in the medical centre, we can arrange to rent a room if available from the consulting doctors.

Once the referral is received we contact the patient and complete the review process.

For Medication Reviews in Sydney

Please Fax Referrals to (02) 9803 0140


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