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Home Medicines Review (HMR)

Item numbers and benefit for GPs

Home Medicines Review (HMR), also known as Domiciliary Medication Management Review (DMMR), is covered by Medicare Benefits Schedule Item 900.

The HMR process involves two consultations for the GP;

  1. 1.    A consultation to identify potential patients and arrange the referral, and,
  2. 2.    A second consultation after receiving the completed home medication review (HMR) report to discuss the findings and implement any actions.

After a Medication Management Plan is created and a copy offered to the patient/community pharmacy/pharmacist, MBS item 900 can then be claimed.

Fee: $148.90 Benefit: 100% = $148.90

“Benefits under this item are payable not more than once in each 12 month period, except where there has been a significant change in the patient’s condition or medication regimen requiring a new DMMR.” (source: MBS Online Medicare Benefits Schedule)

Flow chart representing the HMR process

For a larger image – click this image and click it again once it opens in a new window

For Medication Reviews in Sydney

Please Fax Referrals to (02) 9803 0140

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